Niki Sawyer: A Celebration of the Life of an Extraordinary Woman

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  • "A relationship without good communication isn't a relationship, it's a living arrangement."

  • "Always budget the luxuries first."

  • "Appreciation is the lubrication of life."

  • "Argue for your limitations - and you get to keep them."

  • "Be kind to your web-footed friends for a duck could be somebody's mother."

  • "Better thee than me!"

  • "Blessed Be."

  • "Feelings are the only real things in this world because they're all we take with us when we leave. The rest is just stuff."

  • "I think I'll just put it right in your hot little hand!"

  • "Laughter is the greatest gift."

  • "Let's kill him now and avoid the Christmas rush."

  • "Self-pity is the most pernicious of vices."

  • "Shape up or sheep out!"

  • "So. Another good candidate for a retroactive abortion."

  • "Sometimes I feel like the Last Whale."

  • "The meaning of life is to learn and have fun. That's why we're here."

  • "Well, hello there you silly bird, why are you sitting on my finger?"

More Niki-isms's

  • "A true friend will always tell you the truth, even if it's something you don't want to hear."